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Full Version: upnp search problems
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I really appreciate the fast response when searching for an album by title for instance. I use this option mainly in order to obtain corresponding album id which can be sent to my upnp/dlna speakers.

Following search criteria do not work (in my opinion):
upnp:class = "object.container.storageFolder"
dc:title contains ""Eroica""
I do not receive any syntax error but just get no match.

Are there restrictions regarding upnp:class?
How can one search for titles containing double quotes?

with kind regards from mick
MinimServer doesn't support searching by storage folder. The following classes are supported:


To search for a string containing a double quote, your search query needs to use an escaped string as defined in section 2.3.1 of the ContentDirectory:1 specification. For example, to seach for an album title containing "Eroica" (with literal double quotes) you would use:

upnp:class derivedfrom "object.container.album" and dc:title contains "\"Eroica\""
Wow. Thank you for this quick response. Fine with your explanation regarding upnp:class. Double quote works too as you suggested.
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