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Full Version: Trouble with Minimwatch
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I have Minimserver running on a Synology NAS (2.0.18 update 201). It's working well. I am trying to get Minimwatch to work on a Windows 10 PC on the same network. Firewall is disabled. I can browse to in a browser on the PC running Minimwatch.

Tray icon is grey. What can I do?

Thanks in advance
From MinimWatch, select Options > Show log (watch) and look for the Active subnet value. What is this value and what is the IP address of your NAS?

If the first part of the active subnet doesn't match the first part of the IP address of your NAS, you need to set the ohnet.subnet property for MinimWatch (not MinimServer) as described in this section.
I'm having the same trouble. After using MinimServer and MinimWatch forever, MinimWatch on my Windows 10 PC suddenly is no longer detecting the MinimServer instance on my DS414.

The active subnet ( seems correct.

The only change I can recall making recently was to check "Enable Local Master Browser" in the DSM section controlling SMB filesharing.

MinimServer is working fine with BubbleUPnP, but MinimWatch is not detecting it any more. Help welcome.
Try to check the pc network type, should be Private. If Public Windows will deny any connection
If Java has been updated on your PC, your need to update your firewall rules.
@stefano_mbp: Yes, it is set to Private and has been so for 10 years.

@simoncn: Usually after a Java update, there is a popup when I first run MinimWatch, asking for an exception. None here. ALSO, I disabled the firewall on the private network, exited MinimWatch, and restarted. It still didn't detect the server. I'm baffled.

Thanks, both, for replies!
In cases like this, it sometimes helps to power all your network equipment off and on.
Hi Simon --

You are right (as always)! I had to turn everything off to install a new router -- then again to un-install it -- and voila! MinimWatch is green again.
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