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Full Version: Most radio stations stopped playing
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I'm minimserver/minimstreamer user for years now and since beginning 2021 also with Full Licence. Besides local music server I use minimstreamer to stream radio to my Devialet Phantom with DOS2 firmware. Besides few occasional dropouts, this setup has been working flawlessy long time.
But since yesterday most of my radio stations defined in m3u Playlist file stopped working.

I have restarted my server, Phanthoms and checked that those radios play well in my computer from the same playlist file using VLC. Also minimserver local music library works.

minimserver 2.0.18, update 201, minimstreamer-2.0.9

Works only in computer:
#EXTINF:-1,[*] Retro FM

#EXTINF:-1,[*] Star FM

#EXTINF:-1,[*] Retro Kuld

Works both Devialet via minimserver and in computer:
#EXTINF:-1,[*] Rock FM
Notice also same server as some non-working streams !

#EXTINF:-1,[*] MyHits

#EXTINF:-1,[*] Relax

So also https works, could it be AAC issue as all working seem mpg, but also some mpg do NOT work ?
All these streams are working for me except for Star FM. On my test system, this fails with a security certificate error. This error is normallly caused by using an older version of Java that doesn't include the latest root certificates.

What platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, QNAP, Synology, etc.) are you using to run MinimServer?

Edit: I updated my test system to the latest Java 8 update (update 301) and Star FM still gets the same error. There might be an incompatibilty between Java 8 and the security certificate used by this stream. I haven't yet tried other Java versions.
I'm using Debian Linux x64 on server side.

It looks still https (and maybe then certificate) issue.
I discovered that all stations in *.babahhcdn.* server work without secure http, means also http prefix and this case all those stations also play via minimserver.

But stations in server do not work with http only (also in VLC) and therefore not playable in Devialet.

I will try to update Java in my server.
Which Java version do you have at present? This is shown in the MinimServer log when you start MinimServer. Also, which version of Debian Linux do you have?
It was openjdk-8-jre-headless 8u222, I updated it now to 8u302 and also ca-certificates-java and java-common to latest available versions. Debian should be the Buster, no I think oldstable.

But no change. One other station on third server started playing, but maybe not because of this java update ?

Funny thing I discovered, when VLC and mplayer play every station on my playlist, regarding the server or https or not, then DeadBeef follows exactly minimstreamer played stations. do not work. I play directly to from playlist, not via minimserver on my desktop (different linux machine).
As I understand it, it depends on what root certificates are trusted by the software conecting to the stream.

I am away from home at present and I will not be able to do detailed investigations into which certificates are missing from Java 8 update 302 until I return home in about a week's time.

Using Java 8 update 302, I can play everything in your initial list (this post) except for Star FM. Are you seeing the same?
Yes. I have some other stations from same server what do not play also, but they were not in my first post.
I have identified the missing certificate required by this server. You can download it from this link and import it into the Java keystore with this command:

/javahome/bin/keytool -importcert -alias digicert2020ca1 -keystore /javahome/lib/security/cacerts -file DigiCertTLSRSASHA2562020CA1.crt.pem

where javahome is the full path to your Java installation. When prompted for a password, enter: changeit
Sorry to get back that late, but it was buzy week, no time even listen to radio Smile

It worked ! Thank you !
Update after several months. This setup played well for few months.

I changed my installation and moved Docker. Every station played well after migration (I did not even had to install this certificate above). Retro FM changed their URL, but all still continued to play.
Some days ago Retro stopped. I also installed this certficate. It did not help. Can you please check again what is missing:

#EXTINF:-1,[*] Retro FM

But for example StarFM below continues to play (with or without this certicate):

#EXTINF:-1,[*] Star FM
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