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Full Version: Radio Station Timeout
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In the last week or so, I have been experiencing timeouts with some radio stations.

I don't know if this is something in my network or something with MinimServer/MinimStreamer.

The error that appears in the log is below.

Some stations I can get to work by continually selecting the entry in the .m3u playlist, an example is

Chain: error starting chain
java.lang.RuntimeException: Read timed out
at com.minimstreamer.NetworkSource.start(
at org.jstreamer.core.ChainSource.start(
at org.jstreamer.core.ChainImpl.startLinks(
at org.jstreamer.core.ChainImpl.start(
at com.minimstreamer.Streamer$NetworkRequestHandler.processRequest(​64)
at com.minimserver.Server$StreamerRequestHandler.processRequest(
at org.jminim.lib.HTTPConnection$WriterThread.runWriterThread(​75)
at org.jminim.lib.HTTPConnection$
Caused by: Read timed out
at java.base/
at java.base/
at java.base/
at java.base/$
at java.base/$
at java.base/$
at com.minimstreamer.NetworkSource.doStart(
at com.minimstreamer.NetworkSource.start(
... 7 more
I tried this stream. It returns an HTTP 302 redirect to:

When MinimStreamer tries to access this URL, it gets a 404 Not Found error.
OK, thanks Simon. I just wanted to check it wasn’t MinimServer related.

I am currently listening to the station. Had to hit play a few times but did connect at 4th attempt. It used to connect first time, so it must be something they are doing and not my local network if you’ve had the same issue connecting.
I tried a few more times. On the third try, I got about a second of audio. On the fourth try, it connected and played normally.
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