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Full Version: MinimServer 2 and minimstart.conf
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Just migrated from 0.8 to 2.0.12 on a QNAP HS251 NAS and encountered a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:java heap space error message on startup.

I followed your previous advice on this forum and created a minimstart.conf file in MinimServer/etc which contains the single line javaopts = -Xmx256m. However, when i look at the start of my logfile, the expected line Java runtime options: -Xmx256m is missing....

As it happens, the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError has not happened again, but has anything changed with MinimServer 2 that might explain why my conf file is not being picked up as expected?
The minimstart.conf feature has never been available for QNAP. Where did you see this advice? It is likely that it was for some other platform.

Regarding the OutOfMemoryError issue, do you have a very large library? How many albums and files do you have?
Ah, one of the dangers of googling for answers! You're right, the .conf advice was not for QNAP.

Library is not huge by some standards on here, 37513 audio files in 3425 folders. However my QNAP only has 1GB RAM and other stuff running as well as MinimServer. The problem only occurred when moving over to MinimServer 2, and now seems ok, so I'll get back in touch if it happens again, thanks!
A library of this size shouldn't be a problem with 1GB of RAM. As it only happened when MinimServer 2 was first started, it could be related to the initial scan that reads all files in your library.

To show how much memory your library is consuming, you can set the serverOptions property to resourceInfo=1000 and restart MinimServer. This writes diagnostic information to the MinimServer log about memory usage. Please zip the minimserver.log file and post it here so that I can explain what the numbers mean.
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