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Full Version: Prefix „the”
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Can anyone tell me what the minimserver settings should look like, taking into account the elimination of the prefix "the". In the join I am sending screenshots of my settings. Unfortunately, once scanned, my artist list remains unchanged, that is, with the prefixes "the".
You should remove the incorrect setting in .logPrefix.

The setting in tagOptions is correct but will only change the sort order of artist names. It will not remove the prefix "The" from artist names in the Artist index. For example, "The Beatles" will show as "The Beatles" in the Artist index and on the Now Playing screen but should be sorted under B instead of T in the Artist index (assuming you are using a control point that supports custom sorting by the server).

What would you like to see for "The Beatles" in the Artist index and on the Now Playing screen? In both cases, the choice is between "The Beatles" and "Beatles, The".
I deleted the log.Prefix setting. I would like "Beatles" to be displayed instead of "The Beatles". I use Ds Lightning from Auralic. Unfortunately, 'The Beatles. ?
The "ignore" option of tagOptions doesn't change "The Beatles" to "Beatles". You could use the tag update facility to do this (see this section) but this requires you to create a list of all the artist names you want to change.
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