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Full Version: MinimStreamer 2.0.9
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MinimStreamer 2.0.9 has been released. This adds support for transcoding to 32-bit WAV for renderers that support this. To use this support, MinimServer update 198 must be installed.

This version is not yet enabled for automatic installation. If no problems are reported in the next few days, automatic installation will be enabled.
Hi Simon. Thanks very much for bringing 32-bit WAV transcoding to fruition. As luck would have it, I am about to go away on vacation. I look forward to trying this new feature when I return in mid-September.
Hi Simon, I am now transcoding to wav32 in my Melco to feed a 32-bit DAC (Auralic Vega G2). This new 32-bit feature works a treat and sounds great. Thanks again for adding this functionality.
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