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Full Version: Folders in folders
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I'm having a hard time resolving this one.

I have set:
indexTags = Artist, Album, Genre
tagOptions = items.sortTags={albumartist,Album,DISCNUMBER,TRACKNUMBER},album.sortTags={albuma​rtist,Album}
tagValue = AlbumArtist.default={Artist}

If I browse Minimserver what is shared via a small detour, then I find my albums in a folder under a same folder if I try to find an album via:
'Minimserver' -> 'Genre' -> [selected genre] -> 'Album' -> [selected album] -> [selected album].

Why is there the 2nd [selected album] below the 1st [selected album]?

Hope this is clear Smile
It is better not to put Album in indexTags. If you omit this, every selection gives you "n albums" at the top of the results list. If you select the album from this "n albums" list, you will not see the album name duplicated.
Thanks, I guess I have the [n] albums on top of each list already even with the indextags set like above.
(e.g. if i go into Genre --> Selected Genre --> [n] Albums i can see all the [n] albums)

It is more that if I go into the Genre > Albums that I end up with the folder in the folder what I try to resolve.

Let me remove all custom items and see how it goes.
p.s. what does this mean after a refresh? (java errors in minimwatch log)
edit: removed logged entries, restart of NAS helped.
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