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Full Version: [solved] Is it possible to activate license without connecting to internet?
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We install the MinimServer 2 to our Qnap TS-328. It works well with starter, but we want to activate the trial license to see how it works, then we can activate the full license.
The problem is that we like to keep our music system simple , only stay in our local home network, and never want our NAS to connect to internet.
I wonder if we can activate the license without connecting to internet...

Thanks very much!
The NAS needs to have an internet connection to activate or deactivate a trial license or full license. After the license has been activated, MinimServer can run with the license enabled without an internet connection.
Thanks Simon,
We can't make our NAS connect to internet. Our network set up like this:
for local music network -> Router connect to DAC, NAS and a PC via Lan cables.
For internet -> mobile phone hotspot connect to tablets via wifi.
The thing is, we can connect the PC to hotspot, but can't connect the router or Nas to hotspot!
So, if we can install the minimServer 2 at the PC, active license. and we connect the NAS via lan cable to the PC. Will that possible to activate the license on NAS too? because we can connect the PC to internet.

Acording to the license page:
"Your full license does not expire and covers up to three installations of MinimServer. These installations can be on any of the platforms that MinimServer supports. For example, you might want to run MinimServer on a NAS and also on a PC or Mac."

We only want to run the minimServer on NAS in the future, and won't use PC if not necessary...Sorry, we want to keep the system simple, but never thought of having to get over this complicated process...

hope you can help us out, Thanks!
Thanks for explaining your network setup.

It isn't possible to activate a license on the PC and use that license activation on the NAS. Each device running MinimServer needs to have its own separate license activation created via an internet connection to the license server.

If you can connect the PC to the hotspot and also connect the NAS to the PC via cable at the same time, it might be possible to "bridge" the NAS to the internet via the PC and activate the license this way. Are you running Windows 10 on the PC? If you can confirm this, I will experiment with setting this up and post instructions.
Thanks Simon!!! The PC is running Windows 7 professional... If you can tell me how to "bridge" the NAS to the internet, that will be great help!
I have Bridged the NAS to the internet via PC !!! I didn't know about "bridge" before...Thanks Simon, you gave me this clue! Smile
The instructions is below( in case anybody is like us "old machines, old fashion") :
->open network and sharing Center

->click Wireless network connection status
->click properties
->choose sharing, and click the internet connection sharing...."allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection"
->click OK

->check the lan connection, it should automatically get a IP, subnet mask

That's it. our NAS can connect to internet now.

But I can't activate the trial license. the notification is:
Licese server error 500: [b657e8c9] no value for last_ukey_bin
I will investigate this error message and post back later today.
I have found the cause of the problem and it should be fixed now. Just try the trial license activation again.

When you install the trial license, MinimServer should restart automatically and should automatically install the latest update 195. You can check this update has been installed by looking at the Status tab of the MinimServer configuration web page.
Thanks very much Simon! We've activated the trial license successfully.
But the status shows: ‚Äč
"MinimServer 2.0.18 update 187, Copyright © 2012-2021 Simon Nash. All rights reserved.
Your license type is Trial. For more information, select the License tab."
It seems not installing the latest update 195...

and I can't find anywhere to install the Minimstreamer. The profile view shows:
Property settings that are prefixed with a plus sign (+) have been disabled because they are not supported by Starter Edition. They have been saved in the profile and will be re-enabled if a full or trial license is activated."

In the computer, it's easy to install the streamer pack at property settings...
If you go to the DSM Package Center and stop and start MinimServer, this should automatically install update 195 if your NAS has an internet connection.

Alternatively, you can select About from MinimWatch (if you have this running on the computer), then click 'Show updates'. This should give you the option to install update 195 and relaunch MinimServer.

To install MinimStreamer on the NAS, you need to be running MinimWatch on the computer. See the section "Installing MinimStreamer" on this page.
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