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Full Version: Minimwatch is red
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My 30 day trial exxpired and now minimwatch is red no matter what I do.
The configure page says I have a Starter licence but still the icon stays red. I even uninstalled and re-installed but still its red.
It keeps saying my licence has expired but it should go back to the starter licence.
Thanks for your help.
On the configuration page, select the License tab. This should give you the choice of deactivating your trial lcense or activating a full license. If you don't want to purchase and activate a full license, select Deactivate trial license.

From what you have said, it sounds like the messages on the configuration page for this situation are not sufficiently clear and should be improved. I will look into this.
Thanks for answering!
For me on the configuration page, licence tab, deactivating trial licence was greyed out.
What worked was to reinstall minimserver on my Nas.
All fine now.
I misunderstood the reference to "uninstalled and reinstalled" in your earlier post. I thought you meant you had uninstalled and reinstalled MinimServer. I now realise you meant you had uninstalled and reinstalled MinimWatch.

In this situation, using Restart from the MinimWatch menu should clear the problem. It should not be necessary to uninstall and reinstall MinimServer or MinimWatch.
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