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Full Version: RPi - Getting Started
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Dear all,
I've a very basic question! I’m new to the world of Raspberry Pi and intend to buy a DAC that comes fitted with a RPi 4 module. I run MinimServer on a Synology NAS and use a BCD REFStream as the renderer. If I want to use the RPi 4 as the renderer instead of the REFStream, what do I need to do? Do I instal MinimServer, Java, etc… on the RPi, or do I continue to run MinimServer on the NAS? Etc...
Thanks and best wishes,
You can continue to run Minimserver on you nas, install RoPieee XL on your rpi, enable UPNP/DLNA service on RoPieee XL and use a control point of your choice on a smartphone/tablet
Available control point are Bubble, Linn Kazoo, Linn app, MConnect, Lumïn app …. etc. depending on your mobile device OS (Android or Apple)
Alternatively you could install upmpdcli on your RPi. This is a software UPnP renderer that runs on a vareiety of Linux systems. For details of how to download and install it on your RPi, see this page.

Whichever renderer software you choose, it is a good idea to continue running MinimServer on the Synology NAS. Running the server and renderer on separate machines often improves sound quality.
Many thanks for your replies. They're very helpful.
It’s been a while since I asked the question above, but should receive my DAC fitted with a RPi 4 module within a week and would like to install Upmpdcli on it. I have no idea where to start, however, to tell you the truth. I have a micro SD card and reader/writer, but I’m not even sure which package or how to install it. Would someone be able to help me get up and running?
Many thanks,
My strong suggestion is, as said before, to start with RoPieeeXL (free of charge)
Download it and burn it to a microSD card using Balena Etcher then insert the microSD card in your rpi4 and power it on.
Let it boot, wait few minutes, and you’ll be able to connect to it using your browser, follow this guide to configure it.
Now you can download and install on your mobile device (tablet or smartphone) Bubbleupnp or MConnect Player Lite (they are both free).
Once installed start the app of you choice and you’ll be able to find and configure Minimserver as Media Server and RoPieeeXL as player/renderer.
That’s all, play something and enjoy.
If you aren't already familiar with Linux, upmpdcli would not be a good choice. stefano_mbp's suggestion of using RoPieeeXL seems more appropriate.
Thanks both for your replies.
I'm not completely unfamiliar with Linux and Unix systems, but it was some time ago I used those platforms when working on protein NMR. Part of my reason to switch to RPi was to learn something.
I now have Upmpdcli running on RPi, but still have my other renderer, for the time being at least, connected, for which I had to select a streamSize to get MinimStreamer working. I expect I don't need this setting for Upmpdcli. Is it possible to set options depending on the renderer in use?
No, it isn't possible to have different options for different renderers.
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