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Full Version: DSD streaming no longer works
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DSD streaming no longer works with MinimServer/MinimStreamer (latest version).

It generates static noise starting today (July 15, 2021).

The setting stream.transcode is set to: flac:wav,dsf:dopwav but this setting has been active for years.

Some Windows updates have been installed on the server with minimserver/minimstreamer last night. Maybe this is causing the issue.

Anybody has the same issue?

Thanks in advance
@Simon: could you perhaps look into this problem? The only variable I see that DSF files generates noise is that Windows 10 updates have been applied. BTW: DXD is working fine.
I don't see how a Windows update could cause this problem. As no other user has reported it, it is likely to be specific to your system. As a first step, please power all your audio and network equipment off and on. This might clear the problem.

If this doesn't help, it is possible that something else has changed in your system as well as the Windows updates. Please provide full details of your entire system (server device, renderer device, control point, all network components) and I will advise on further steps to narrow down where the problem is occurring.
Hi Simon,

Thanks for your reply.

My streaming system: Windows 10 PC with minimserver/minimstreamer > sotm sms 200 Ultra Neo (which functions as a Ethernet to USB converter) > PS Audio DirectStream (using the USB input).

I use mconnect to select the music to be streamed from minimserver.

As indicated PCM and DXD both work fine but DSD/64 and DSD/128 generate noise since 2 days.

I already rebooted all components (Windows 10 PC, sotm, PSA DS).

I really do not have any idea what causes this problem. Streaming the music directly from mconnect to my Ipod also generates static noise (that is without using the sotm/PSA of course).
Can you attach a MConnect screenshot where the file format/resolution is showed?
… and is your Minimstreamer license still valid?
You are transcoding DSF files to DoP/WAV. This is a WAV stream with a special encoding (DSD over PCM) that indicates it is not a normal WAV stream but is a container for DSD data. If you stream to a device that doesn't understand the DoP encoding (such as an iPad), you will get what sounds like static noise. If you listen very carefully, you might hear a very faint distorted version of the music within the static noise.

When you use a renderer that understands the DoP encoding (like your PS Audio DAC), the renderer extracts the DSD audio from the WAV stream and plays it correctly.

There should be something on the front panel of the PS Audio DAC that tells you what the input signal is. For "plain old" WAV, this will probably say PCM. For DoP/WAV, this should say something like DSD. What does this say when you are hearing the static noise?

Does the SoTM SMS 200 also have an input format indicator? If so, what does this say when you are hearing the static noise?
Thanks guys for the replies.

The PSA DS reports 24 bit now in case of DSD streaming (the PSA DS used to report DSD with DoP). But again, all worked fine 2 days ago.

The sotm does not indicate resolutions or any other interesting numbers for geeks like us.

The other questions:
The res. numbers reported by Mconnect are:
24 bit, 176.4m 8467kbps khz
But mconnect does not report DSD correclty.

PCM and DXD are both working and yes my license is valid, evidence:
Your MinimServer license type is Full, with no expiry date.
Your MinimStreamer license expires on 12 maart 2022 19:03:07 CET.
Your license includes updates until 12 maart 2022 19:03:07 CET.
You are using 1 of 3 license activations (click here for details)

It is a complete mystery to me why DSD streaming does not work anymore.
Also attached are my current MinimServer system settings... Are they correct for streaming DSD files?
These settings are correct if the renderer can handle DoP/WAV and the files are in DSF format (not DFF format).

Is it possible that the SoTM SMS 200 might have installed a firmware upgrade that interferes with its ability to pass a DoP-encoded PCM stream to the PSA DS?

Could the Windows updates you have installed include anything that could intercept and modify the DoP-encoded datastream? This seems very unlikely to me.

It is possible to use curl or wget to write the DoP-encoded datastream from MinimStreamer to a file instead of streaming it across the network. The file could then be checked to confirm whether the DoP encoding is present and correct. Have you previously used either curl or wget?
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