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Full Version: Minimserver 2 docker on synology : license file has zero length
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Congratulations for this software.
I'd like to use it on docker, for stability reasons. I had trouble this afternoon related to java 8 corrupted installation, that was painful. Thus, docker.
I followed the tutorial on minimserver website, using 2.0.16 first then 2.0.18 version : both of them gave me an error message, "license file has zero length". The same error persists when connecting to the website (x.x.x.x:9790).
I specified puid and pgid, but the error was still there.
I hope I didn't kill two licenses trying to use docker...
Do someone has an idea ?
This error message hasn't killed any license activations.

On Synology, you can activate a native MinimServer instance and any number of Docker instances, all sharing the same license activation. To make this license sharing work, the native instance creates a file named minimserver-starter.license and the Docker instances read this file as part of the license sharing scheme.

For some reason (perhaps your problems with Java 8), the native MinimServer instance didn't create the minimserver-starter.license file correctly (it has zero length instead of the correct length of 129 bytes). You will need to fix this problem before you can run any Docker instances.

To fix this problem, you need to install and start the native MinimServer package for Synology. This should automatically create a file named minimserver-starter.license in the MinimServer/appData folder and this file should have a length of 129 bytes. You can check for this using File Station. When this file has been created correctly, you can stop the native MinimServer instance using Package Center. If you now start a Docker instance, it should run without errors. You don't need to do anything with puid or pgid.

There is no need to have the native MinimServer instance running after the minimserver-starter.license file has been created correctly.
Thank you Simoncn ; I'll give it a try this afternoon. Native synology app is working now, but I'll feel "safer" using docker.
I'll deactivate my license, then uninstall minimserver to re install it properly.
Have a good day,
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