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Full Version: Minimstreamer on a Melco Ex
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Hi all
Having purchased a full licence, I’m trying to install Minimstreamer on my Melco N1Z/2 Ex. However, when trying to add the update package from Minimwatch, I get this error: Download resource not found: minimstreamer-2.0.110.jar
I’ve tried to relaunch, but no good, same error.
I’ve probably made a simple mistake, any help is appreciated.
Which version of MinimStreamer were you trying to install? I have just tried this myself (on a Melco) and it worked for me. Could there be some issue with your internet connection?
Version 2.0.8. It gets to the licence acceptance page, and says “installing package minimstreamer-2.0.8” but then fails. My internet is pretty good here, could it be a router problem?
Please try selecting Settings > Network from the Melco front panel. Do you have Fixed IP or DHCP selected? What settings do you have for Default Gateway and DNS Server?
The LAN port is set to DHCP. Sorry, where do I find the Default Gateway & DNS server settings?
I checked this and these settings are unfortunately not shown when DHCP is enabled. From the LAN Port page, click on DHCP. This will automatically refresh these settings without telling you what they are. After you have done this, are you able to install the MinimStreamer package?
I tried this, but still not installing. I’ve noticed there are a couple more packages available - minimwatch-update-90 & minimserver-update-193, but neither of these will install either.
As this problem is also affecting MinimWatch updates, I think it is related to the device you are using to run MinimWatch. What device is this? Does it have any antivirus or firewall software enabled?
I’ve got it working now, thanks. I use a laptop with f-secure internet security. I turned off a few internet security settings, and all packages have now loaded.
Thanks for your patience Simon, much appreciated.
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