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Full Version: Foreign Characters
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I have just added a new artist to my library. His name is Axel Flóvent (excellent BTW). Everything is fine except I am unable to get his picture (correctly named Axel Flóvent.jpg) to show from the Artwork folder. If I edit the tag and filename to both be Axel Flovent the picture works as expected. Is this a language setting issue on my QNAP TS251 or something else?
This should work. I will test it tomorrow. What is your language setting for the QNAP?
I can confirm this works ( at least in my case) . I have composers with all kinds of accents in their names, they all appear [attachment=2317]
From the login screen, three dots, Language is set to Auto Detect (so should be English).

To be clear it is only the Artist picture that is failing in the Artist listing (from the Artwork folder) - everything else is fine.
Foreign Characters also show up in "Artist"[attachment=2318]
Have you tried copying and pasting the name?
Sometimes an almost unnoticeable difference causes this not to work
Copy and paste was my first thought too. No change...
I have just noticed that I have artists called Beyoncé, Björk and Bjørn Riis so now a little confused! Is it the specific character in Flóvent? More investigation needed I think.
OK now solved. I looked up how to type accented characters in Windows (ENG INTL keyboard then ' followed by o) and edited both the tags and filename using this techniue and then voila! (or should that be voilà?) it worked. There must have been something odd in the original tags - using a different character set? - that caused a problem. Anyway sorted now thanks to Simon and Peter.
Thanks for posting the solution.

Unicode has two ways to encode accented characters: NFC and NFD. NFC (composed) stores e acute as a single character "e acute". NFD (decomposed) stores e acute as two characters: "e" followed by "combining acute".

MinimServer translates tag values to NFC after reading them as this is the most commonly used form, so the name in your Artist tag used by MinimServer for the file lookup should be NFC. If for some reason the filename on disk is encoded as NFD, there could be a mismatch and the file would not be found.

Where did the file originate before you changed its name using the Windows keyboard technique? macOS stores filenames as NFD. If the file came originally from a Mac, this might explain the problem.
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