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Full Version: Watch not connecting to Server- W10
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running W10.
Server is running.
Can connect to the IP of the Minim Server
Server seen on the network.
Apps using the server can use it.

but Watch is not "seeing" the server - app is GREY not GREEN

windows FW permits access on the private network for Java.

Also disabled all the FW and it still doesnt detect the server.

Reinstalled both JAVA and Watch.

Also restarted the Server on the NAS.

Doesnt make sense!
Are you running MinimWatch 2 or MinimWatch 0.8? If you are running MinimServer 2, you need to be running MinimWatch 2.

What is the active subnet for MinmWatch as shown in the MinimWatch log? To view this log, select Options > Show log (watch). Also, what is the IP address of the QNAP NAS running MinimServer?
Watch 2.
Sever 2..0.12

I went ahead a rebooted the NAS over night - seems to be working OK now.

Many thanks Simon - love the app.
Strangely, situation persists again this AM.

network is up.
watcher and server are both on 192.168.1 subnets -

However, the active Subnet for Watch is
found the ohnet.subnet property for MinimWatch - updated with my subnet and watch is working now.
You were getting the wrong active subnet because the ohNet UPnP stack (used by MinimServer) randomly chooses a subnet if the device running MinimWatch has more than one subnet available when MinimWatch is started. Setting the ohnet.subnet property ensures that ohNet will choose the correct subnet.
which makes sense apart from my device [running MinimWatch] having more that one subnet available....
Why would that happen?
Wonder if thats because i have Hyper-V enabled with 3 vNICS on a 172 subnet?

Must be - as i disabled them and MinimWatch works without the ohnet.subnet being defined.
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