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Full Version: Super groups/ Subgroups
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I was wondering if a feature I would find useful might be something that could be relatively simply added but would be useful to others.

The feature I would like is the ability to have hierarchical groups. A prime example where this would be useful is with Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Each season is a concerto of three movements. Generally I play all four seasons together but sometimes I play just one season.

What would be nice is to place each season concerto as a group and then place each season group into a super group (e.g., Four Seasons) so that I can then choose to play a particular season, given by the group name, or the all the seasons given by the Four Seasons super group.

Of course the group hierarchy could be in terms of groups and subgroups rather than groups and super groups.

Best regards
Thanks for this suggestion. This would normally be handled by tagging Vivaldi's Four Seasons as a Work and tagging Spring, Summer, etc. as Groups within this Work.

You can then browse by Work, select Vivaldi's Four Seasons and play the whole work or you can continue by selecting Spring, Summer etc. and just play that season.
Thanks Simon,

I thought I tried this approach and found it didn't allow me to play the whole set from the work (composition) tag. I must have had finger problems with my tags again. I've redone the tags as you suggested and it works fine. Sorry for troubling you.
Hello Simon,

It worked when I used the suggested tagging for one of my Vivaldi four seasons recordings but when I tagged the second similarly (they have the same composition tag but different album tags - and different group names) I could no longer play all the four seasons as a single composition. I could only select the individual seasons. I tried giving the two recordings different composition tags but this did not help. Even worse, when returned my second recording back to having a single group for all the seasons, I could still not get my first retagged recording to allow me to play all of the seasons from the selection of the composition. It was only possible to select individual seasons to play. I not sure what is happening here.

I should mention that each of the albums contain other works with different composition tags, so that choosing to play the whole album is not really what I want to do.
If you have the same Work on multiple albums (presumably with different ensembles and/or conductors and/or dates), selecting that Work should show you a further menu where you can choose an album, ensemble, conductor or date to get the specific instance of the Work that you want to view and play.

Selecting an album at this stage does not give you the complete album including other works. Because you have already selected Work > Four Seasons, the contents of the selected album are subsetted to show only the Four Seasons work. The page that shows this subset includes a ">> Complete Album" link to view the complete album if you wish.

Which control point are you using? Different control points may vary in some aspects of how they handle this scenario.

Please also post your MinimServer profile (use Profiles > View from the MinimServer configuration web page). It is possible that the unexpected results you are seeing might be caused by some settings there.
Hello Simon,

I am using the Bubble UPNP control pin Version: 3.2.5 (x86_64).

My profile is below:
stave and minimsstave and minims

View Profile
Your current active profile is 'default'.

The following profiles are available:

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alphaGroup = Albums=10, Items=10
contentDir = /media/Extreme 500/Shared_Music
delayStart = 5
indexTags = Genre, Composer, Grouping, Composition, Concertos_for, Solo_of, Artist, Conductor, Orchestra, All Artists, #AudioData, #AudioQuality, Date
itemTags = Comment
.logLevel = info
tagFormat = Artist.displayFormat={$artist$orchestra$conductor}, Comment.displayFormat={$*infoFileURI^Digital booklet$comment}
tagOptions = Album.sortTags={Album, Artist}, Composer.reverseName.display
Property settings that are prefixed with a plus sign (+) have been disabled because they are not supported by Starter Edition. They have been saved in the profile and will be re-enabled if a full or trial license is activated.

If you want to export a profile (download it as a file), use the Export tab.
Thanks for this information. I should be able to look into this on Friday.
I have confirmed that this works with BubbleUPnP. I browsed by Work and selected a work that appears on two different albums. From the menu that appeared, I selected '2 albums'. This showed me a menu with two choices for the work, one choice for each of these albums. For one of these choices, I selected the "3 dots" menu, then selected Play and the work played with no other items from the album.

Other selections instead of '2 albums' produced the same result, enabling me to choose an instance of the work and play that instance.

The work I used for my test didn't contain any groups but this should not make any difference.

After making any changes to your tags, you need to do a MinimServer rescan and you also need to reload the MinimServer library into BubbleUPnP. The need to do a reload is a BubbleUPnP limitation. If you don't do both of these after making tag changes, you will get unexpected results.

I don't see anything in your properties that would cause a problem.
Thanks Simon,

That works for me. I have never used the 3 dot menu and didn't realise that this functionality was available through it.
I was trying to achieve the selection through the the main menu from the tags.

Best regards
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