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Full Version: platform data error 2a
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Hello, I am a registerd user of MinimSever 2 for QNAP(ARMv7)

After I restart my QNAP NAS, then platform data error 2a occured.

Error writing data to license buffer: platform data error 2a; resetting to Starter Edition
Error writing data to license buffer: platform data error 2a

and MinimServer 2 became starter edition :-<
What shoud I do for fix this?

Thank you.
Which model of QNAP NAS is this? Please give the exact model number. Also, which version of QTS are you running on this NAS?

Did you power the NAS off and on when you did the restart? If not, please try doing this.
Thank you for reply, simoncn.

I shutdown and boot it again. Then MinimServer 2 became normal operation.

TS-228/OS 2021/3/22) + Malware remover(recomended new official application from qnap)

Thank you again.
I am pleased to hear that rebooting the NAS solved the problem.

I checked the release notes for QTS and I don't see anything there that would be related to this issue. Please let me know if it happens again.
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