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Full Version: minimWatch not allowed
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I am getting this message when I attempt a download for minimWatch :
Not allowed:

I presently have minimstreamer 0.7.19 and I am using a Synology DS218+ as my music server. I am using Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Intel Core i9 7960X @ 2.80GHz 25 °C Skylake-X 14nm Technology, 32.0GB Unknown @ 1199MHz (16-16-16-39),and a motherboard Micro-Star International Co. Ltd X299 RAIDER (MS-7A94) (CPU0). My intention is to use the newest minimWatch
and then install ministream 2 with a full license. Below is information about my internet connection. My location is Williamsburg, VA USA

Dan Spicer

Connected through WireGuard Tunnel
IP Address
Subnet mask
Preferred DNS server
DHCP Disabled
External IP Address
Adapter Type Unknown
NetBIOS over TCP/IP Enabled via DHCP
NETBIOS Node Type Hybrid node
Link Speed 0 Bps
Computer Name
DNS Name yang-mills
Membership Part of workgroup
Jarfix fixed
I have tried this and it is working for me. Here are the steps I am using:

1) In a web browser, open the MinimServer Downloads page
2) Click the lick for MinimWatch Intel
3) A pop-up window is displayed asking me to confirm acceptance of the license terms and conditions
4) Select the "I accept" button and click the Download button
5) The Download/Save prompt from Windows is displayed
6) Click Save File and the file is downloaded

Which of these steps gives you the error message? If you are getting it after step 4, it might be caused by the WireGuard Tunnel you are using or possibly by your web browser. Are you able to try this without WireGuard Tunnel enabled and/or with a different web browser?
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