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Full Version: Minimwatch unable to perform rescan
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Hi Mr Simon,

I'm a Minimserver and subsequently Minimserver2 user for several years, program's been running smoothly all these years until 4 days ago when I noticed the Rescan function in Minimwatch doesn't work anymore.

My system: Synology NAS DS 216 II+, Minimserver2 2.0.18 update 192 installed, Minimwatch 2.0.8 installed in my PC. Audio systems are Exogal Comet DAC, Sonore microRendu streamer, ios Teac HR Streamer as control point.

I recently renewed subscription (2-4-2021) for another year for Minimwatch, after and up till then I'm still able to transfer audio files from PC to Synology, perform a rescan to update new files via Minimwatch. Only in the past few days I found that I'm unable to do so. I can still transfer audio files from PC to Synology, but whenever I use the Rescan button in Minimwatch, the icon remains yellow and didn't turn green as before. I had to restart Minimwatch in order to change to green icon but can't add any new audio files anymore. Thank god I can still listen to existing audio files at the moment. Seems that Minimwatch can't perform a 'handshake' with Synology.

Steps I have done so far: Reverted to Minimwatch 2.0.7, reinstall Minimwatch 2.0.8 on PC, reset Profile in Minimwatch, restart Minimserver 2 on Synology, using Firefox and Chrome browsers, using a different PC, updated latest router firmware, updated Windows 10,etc etc without success.

I hope you can point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this problem, thanks.
You appear to have run through the whole gamut of software and hardware possibilities, with perhaps one exception.

Have you checked the validity of the recently copied audio files?

To investigate further, if so inclined, MinimWatch and MinimServer do produce log files with granularity from Info upto Trace. Both log file properties and contents are available from the MinimWatch system tray icon.
I am moving this thread to the Support section of the forum because this issue isn't related to MinimStreamer.
It can take some time for a rescan to complete, depending what has changed in your audio library. Also, if you have set the startupScan property to full, the rescan will take much longer. I suggest you do the following:

1) In MinimWatch, select 'Show log' [not Options > Show log (watch)]
2) Set the logging level to Verbose
3) Leave the log window open
4) In MinimWatch, start a rescan

The log wndow should show each folder name that the rescan is reading. Do you see this? If so, you need to wait for all folders to be read. Selecting rescan again before all folders have been read will cancel the current rescan and start a new one.

If you don't see any folder names displayed, do the following:

1) In MinimWatch, select 'Show log' [not Options > Show log (watch)]
2) Set the logging level to Debug (not Trace)
3) Leave the log window open
4) In MinimWatch, start a rescan
5) When no more messages are being written to the log window, select 'Save as' to save a log file
6) Compress the log file to save space (zip or similar) and attach the log file to a post here. Do not copy and paste the log messages inline into a post because this makes the forum thread hard to follow.
Hi Mr Simon,

Good news, it works! I followed your instructions, did a rescan in verbose, it took longer time than expected, about 8-10 mins, then the icon turned green. I did a second rescan, this time it took only few seconds to turn green. Just to be sure, I transferred new files to Synology, rescan took only seconds.

My startupScan was set to 'false' all this while, usually I added new audio files in small quantities and a rescan took no more than 30-45 seconds. I don't understand why this time Minimwatch is doing a full scan despite startupScan set to 'false'. Is it because I purchased MinimStreamer license extension recently and therefore need to do a full rescan again?

Hi Alandbush, my last uploaded audio files are 16 bit wav ripped from CD using dBpoweramp, the audio files are working, thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you Simon for the great support.
A full rescan would happen if the MinimServer cache file is not available for some reason. This would not be related to purchasing a license extension. On a Synology NAS, the MinimServer cache file is in the appData subfolder of the MinimServer shared folder and has an 'mcache' file extension.
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