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Full Version: Thank you and goodbye
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Whilst I have been happy with MinimServer to get the BBC channels back once they did the dirty of pulling their feeds, £28 a year to get BBC radio via the MinimServer and Raspbery Pi patched into upnp is just a silly price to pay when I can cast it from the BBC Android app and access the audio library all in HLS. It's a pity that you have pushed out your loyal historic customers by bundling the MinimStreamer into your charging system. Should be outside.

Somewhat disillusioned today to find that you have axed the service. The rolling free license game I see you have stopped which you probably always planned to.

I am assuming this is the last and final offer from Simon on his software before I unplug my Raspberry Pi and dust away MinimStreamer.
The price is not £28 per year. It is £28 for the first year and £10 per year after this.

The annual fee include updates (bug fixes and new features) for both MinimServer and MinimStreamer. As you have pointed out, MinimStreamer has always been licensed for a limited period and the new licensing approach is a continuation of this.

If you don't need MinimStreamer because you have an alternative way to play radio stations, you can use MinimServer 2 Starter Edition which has a free license with no expiry date.
No I only use it for streaming, use the UPnP on the router as a server so the pricing structure is just wrong. It's one thing using an unsupported piece of software but you have just pulled the rug to close down your app and target it at high end users that want to cough up or have it integrated into their high end systems. The Raspbery Pi approach was for UPnP who didn't believe the nonsense of high end audio and didn't pay silly prices for something that doesn't merit it. Being pragmatic £28 one off and £10 per year is a silly cost. Donated in the past I recall.

You must be loosing quite a bit of your product base unless they all use well healed systems... probably. You will no that by all the licenses that won't be updating... least after a power cut which is how it hit here.
Thanks for explaining your situation. As you are not using MinimServer 2 as a UPnP server, I understand why the pricing structure does not work for you.
I have imported the MinimStreamer Dash playlist (opened) directly into Bubble and they all play including the BBC World Service which didn't play before. Process is import in and save to a user playlist within Bubble. Play via selecting the renderer - doesn't play on the local speaker in the device but fine in it's normal use.

No pretty graphics thou (Logo for the stations) but we can live without that.

Originally Bubble didn't support HLS and Dash. They included Dash support in 2020. So one can avoid using MinimStreamer since Bubble now supports Dash.

Pity you decided to introduce a charging system where it's free elsewhere if you just want to stream and servers are bundled with decent routers these days... just buy a WD Passport Drive and plug in. Job done. Smile.

MinimStreater has been good for 6 years, pity it's come to an end.
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