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Full Version: Whats the price for Minimserver 2?????
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I looked all over, is the price a secret?

Is there a one time fee or do I get whacked every month or year. I have zero interest in streaming Tidal, Quobz or Roon not a fan of subscription services they always seem to inch their way up.

Also why do I need Minimserver 2? I've used #1 for years works fine.

Thank You,

PS: Im sure I could spend more time trying to find the answers, But why should I have too. I really don't have the time to be a computer-Phille I barely have time to listen.
The prices are shown clearly on this page.

You can continue with MinimServer 0.8 for as long as you wish. Apart from MinimStreamer (which was always licensed for a limited term), all other features will continue to work. You will not get any new features or bug fixes.
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