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Full Version: Silent Angel Z1
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I use a Silent Angel Z1 from thunderdata for my Digital Music Server

This product comes with MinimServer 0.8 pre-installed.
I would like to upgrade to a fully licensed version of MinimServer 2
But the website of SilentAngel Z1 says:
Because of MinimServer 0.8 license change (see MinimServer web site:, newly installation MinimServer on Z1 will not be able to work. Existing installation of MinimServer can continue to use with some limitation.

I do not understand these lines.
I have emailed thunder-data, and they told me, they had to ask MinimServer.

My question: Am I the only one in this world who wants to run MinimServer 2 on a SilentAngerl Z1 ?
Thank you for letting me know about this. Selling a product with MinimServer 0.8 preinstalled without permission would be a violation of the MinimServer 0.8 license terms. I have contacted Silent Angel to clarify the situation.
@simoncn, Did you get a reply from thunder-data?
Is there any chance I will ever be able to install minimserver 2.0 on my Z1?
They did not reply. Do you have any documentation that describes the inclusion of MinimServer 0.8 as part of the Silent Angel Z1? I looked through all the Silent Angel documentation I could find online and I didn't find any reference to this.

I did find this thread on the Roon forum discussing whether the Silent Angel Z1 is infringing Roon's copyright/licensing by distributing Roon code without permission. It is possible that the same issue might apply to MinimServer, though without access to a Silent Angel Z1 I cannot be sure whether or not this is the case. To clarify the position with MinimServer, no manufacturer is allowed to distribute MinimServer (either 0.8 or 2) as part of a product without permission and Thunder Data does not have permission to do this. However, if the device downloads MinimServer 0.8 rather than distributing it as part of the device software, this is permitted.

There is no possibility that the Silent Angel Z1 will be able to support MinimServer 2 (at least not legally) until this licensing issue is resolved.
(16-04-2021 19:54)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]They did not reply.
Exactly spoken, the Z1 does not come with minimserver preinstalled.
I have to press a link, after which minimserver is being downloaded and installed.
But Thunder-Data has made installation very very very easy with a SDK which is integrated in the software of the Z1.

The Z1 must be managed with an (Android) app from Thunder Data. There is no other way.
As a user I do not have access to the Linux partition on the Z1.
This app from Thunder Data is the only way to install 3rd party software on the Z1

I do not have a choice to install server software of my own choice.

I am invited by the app to install servers like Roon, minimserver, etc.
When I do not install one of the servers mentioned in the app, I cannot play music from the Z1.

Below you can see a screenshot of the main page of the Android app.
In order to install minimserver, I have to press the link to minimserver, after which download and installation starts. That is all.
It is one smooth operation without input from me as a user.
I do not recall I had to agree with a license.
I do not recall any question like Windows Installer always asks.

After minimserver is installed,and I press minimserver on the mainpage, I get this page.

Linn Konfig tells me this about minimserver on the Z1

In response to the thread on roonlabs;
I have emailed Thunder-Data some weeks ago, and I almost immediately got a comparable reply from a man also named Chorus Chuang.
Thank you for asking.
We will check with MinimServer person in charge about it.
Before that, could you use ReadyMedia instead of MinimServer?

(ReadyMedia = Samba server, which is part of any Linux distro)

On, I think I read we are all invited to contact Thunder Data Silent Angel is a platform, ........ It allows customers to install 3rd party applications of their choice (They pay the vendor directly). Thunder Data also provides an SDK to assist porting of 3rd party applications to Z1. Please contact for more information.
Thank you very much for this very detailed information. Downloading MinimServer 0.8 from the MinimServer website (with the license page displayed) is permitted but downloading a private copy of MinimServer 0.8 from some other website would not be permitted.

I will contact Thunder Data to explain the protocol for doing a permitted download of MinimServer 2.
Thunder Data have replied with a positive indication that they would like to support installing MinimServer 2 on the Silent Angel Z1.
(23-04-2021 22:20)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Thunder Data have replied with a positive indication that they would like to support installing MinimServer 2 on the Silent Angel Z1.
You have turned this cloudy day into a sunny day.
Thank you.
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