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Hi, I've been using minimserver and bubbleupnp for a few years. I have minimserver and bubbleupnp server running on my Windows10 pc and use the paid bubbleupnp player on my android phone to access my flac files, but every few days the app on my phone can't see the mini.server library, and the bubbleupnp icon disappears from my system tray and I have to restart it, but minimserver icon remains green, and everything is working once the bubbleupnp server is running again. I contacted bubbleupnp support and they told me it was a minimserver issue and to ask on here.
If the BubbleUPnP icon disappears and the MinimServer icon stays green, it sounds like a BubbleUPnP problem.
That was what i thought, I will try replying to the bubbleupnp support, it's there any alternative to bubbleupnp? In case they don't reply.
What is your reason for using BubbleUPnP Server? The main features are remote access to MinimServer from the internet and supporting the OpenHome protocol on a renderer that doesn't have native support for this.
I use bubbleupnp to access my flac files over the internet when not at home. I also use an onkyo av reciever to play flac files over the network at home, but it works independent of bubbleupnp.
my main reason for using bubbleupnp was that I am not really technically minded, I can just manage to get most software working, and using the server on windows and the player on my android phone, I can access my library remotely and listen to it, then directly from the app I can download songs to my phone. I use plex to let my kids access our family photos
and videos, so tried sharing my music via this, but it doesn't handle various artist albums well, and also you need a subscription to plex pass to download files to my phone.
To access your MinimServer library over the internet, you need BubbleUPnP Server. I don't know of any other software that would enable you to do this.
(20-03-2021 15:43)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]To access your MinimServer library over the internet, you need BubbleUPnP Server. I don't know of any other software that would enable you to do this.

Thanks, I might just have to give in and try plex again, even though its not as useful. The Bubblesoft author hasn't replied since I said I didn't think it was a minimserver issue. I was able to login to my pc via teamviewer and restart the bubbleupnp server, but its not working now either. Its either that or log on to my pc each morning and restart the server.
Where did you report this issue?

Sorry for not answering your latest message yet and not understanding in my first reply that it was the BubbleUPnP Server tray icon disappearing (I though it was MinimServer's icon).
If the tray icon disappears, BubbleUPnP Server must be crashing somehow.

First make sure to update to version 0.9-update39 that I just released, to check if you still have this issue. If you do, please send me ( the BubbleUPnP Server log file located in the installation directory (usually: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\BubbleUPnPServer).
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