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Full Version: Group artwork display
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Hello everyone,

I have recently started using Minimserver and I'm amazed by all the configuration options it offers!

Here is my question: by default, MinimServer displays the album artwork for Groups. I find it makes it confusing to browse, especially with multi-disc sets, where I would prefer to have the album cover only next to the >> Disc (n) headings.

Is there an option to configure the server to disable automatically displaying artwork for Groups?

Welcome to the MinimServer forum!

Which control point are you using?
I'm using BubbleUPNP. Is the behaviour different with other control points?
Here's a screenshot if it helps.

Thanks for this. I think the main problem is the way group entries are formatted compared with track entries. The group entry has more information (performer and composer) as well as the artwork image. Because of the artwork image, group titles don't line up with track titles.

The search order for artwork images has been reworked a few times and I am reluctant to change it now. There is no precedent anywhere for suppressing an image that is present in the library and it would be strange to add this for groups. Also, this wouldn't solve the main issue, which is the different format that BubbleUPnP uses for a group entry. If MinimServer did not send an artwork image, BubbbleUPnP would use a generic "music note" image instead of the artwork and the inconsistent format would be the same.

Other control points (for example, Hi-Fi Cast, Linn Kazoo) use a similar format for a group entry and a track entry, either both with a small image or both with no image. BubbleUPnP is formatting the group as if it were an album (look in the list of albums to see this). This is presumably because MinimServer sends a group as an "album within an album" in terms of the UPnP protocol. It would be worth talking to the author of BubbleUPnP to explain this issue and ask if any change could be made.
Thanks a lot for the explanation. I have posted my suggestion on the BubbleUPnP forum.
I suppose I could use the Work tag instead of Group, which would still allow me to index and search for specific composition, while displaying everything within an album as individual titles (and movements), which might make for a less confusing browsing experience on BubbleUPnP.
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