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Full Version: Album artwork for multiple disc with DISCSUBTITLE
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Hi, first post here....

I like the DISCSUBTITLE browsing functions wich I discovered recently. But I have a small, and minor request regarding the assigned artwork to the Album (which contains multiple DISCSUBTITLEs). Can I choose what to display?

Now, minimserver seems to pick up the artwork for the first DISCSUBTITLE track. I want to change that to something else.

For example, The Steven Wilson Remixes - YES. The box itself has an artwork I want to be displayed, not the first one, which is "The Yes Album".

Kind regards,
Welcome to the MinimServer forum!

You can choose the image to be shown for the album. See "When displaying an album" in this section.
Thank you,

Very complete and extensive procedure for displaying artwork! Many options and alternatives. If I understand it correctly - in order to achieve what I want, I should:

- Embed the "Box" artwork in every audiofile included in the boxed collection.
- Store a DISCSUBTILE.jpg file, for each of the issues included in the box.

So in my example, the box artwork for "The Steven Wilson Remixes Yes" is embedded in all songs.

"The Yes Album Remix 2014".jpg is stored in the same directory as all the songs. And the corresponding artwork for the other four volumes.

Did I get it (or not) ?

Update: I just tried to store "The Steven Wilson Remixes Yes".jpg as a separate artwork file and all displays the way I want now, kept the individual embedded artwork.

I think you are correct. It is unfortunate that you need to add embedded artwork to every audio file.
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