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Full Version: Hi-Res Limitation?
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I have an Arcam ST60 network streamer that has internal MQA. The Arcam DAC is rated to 32 bits and 192 kHz. I am using the Harman MusicLife app with MinimServer 2 with Tidal Streaming service. On the Arcam display when a Master recording is playing it shows the MQA icon and 44.1kHz. Tidal masters which are MQA which are supposed to be 24 bit 97 kHz. I don't know why the Arcam is not showing 97 kHz. Is there any limitation in the MinimServer? Just asking. Thanks, Road Runner.
There is no sample rate limitation in MinimServer. Also, when you stream from TIDAL, the stream is going direct from TIDAL to the Arcam without MinimServer being involved.
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