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Full Version: Embedded artwork problem
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I decided to add REPLAY_GAIN (ALBUM) to my library - something to do in lockdown really. So I used dbPoweramp to batch encode the RG and add the ID tag. I checked the results in mp3tag and all looks fine - including the album art.

However, for every album that I have processed minimserver 2 no longer seems able to serve the album art - neither in album view or track view. (In my case I have art embedded in the audio files using mp3tag plus I have a folder.jpg in each folder). Bubbleupnp shows the cached thumbnails but gives 'Error downloading from server" if I click to see the art and shows nothing where its not cached.

I tried another client and same result - no art on the processed folders. Yet in mp3tag everything looks fine.

I have restarted and rescanned; I have rebooted the NAS.

Any thoughts?
Please try usng the BubbleUPnP option to reload the MinimServer library if you haven't already done this. Adding tags can change the start offset of embedded art within an audio file and BubbleUPnP might still be using the previous offsets.

If this doesn't fix it, try another control point to see if this shows the artwork.
(14-02-2021 18:58)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]If this doesn't fix it, try another control point to see if this shows the artwork.

Reload didn't help and I also tried Windows Media Player - same problem.

However, I think I now see the problem. dbPoweramp has an option (the default) to add the tag WITHOUT changing the file modified time. I left this enabled as I didnt want the NAS backing up the entire library to my OneDrive just for this tag.

Of course, when I run Rescan in minimwatch - it doesn't think anything has changed. Presumably it now has the wrong offsets for the artwork in its cache and hence the problem.

I tried one folder with dbpoweramp set to modify the file time and it works fine now.

Is there a way to get minimsever to force a rescan of a folder?

btw thanks for super quick response!
To do a full rescan of your entire library, set the startupScan property to full, then do a rescan, then set the startupScan property back to true. You can't do this for just a single folder.
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