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Full Version: Odd behaviour when playing music with MinimServer 2, controlled by the dCS Mosaic app
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My procedure for playing music is to select UPnP as server in the Mosaic app, then choose a Genre, then select albums which brings up an alphabetic list for titles within MinimServer. I select an album and queue this. I then choose the Play queue option in Mosaic. When I play music for the first time at the beginning of a day (i.e. a break of ~ 9 hours since last running Mosaic to play music) the first track of the selected album plays but playback then stops and does not continue to the next track. Unfortunately this behaviour does not occur every day, maybe 50% of the time. I’ve placed this problem description on the dCS forum Mosaic thread but no solution has been identified. I wondered whether the problem might arise from an interaction between MinimServer and Mosaic. Raising it here I note that MinimServer is the preferred UPnP server app by dCS - perhaps you could confer?

No great problem to just recommence play at the next track - it's just annoying!
This sounds like a Mosaic issue. Enabling MinimServer debug logging might provide more information about what is happening. You can do this by selecting 'Show log' from MinimWatch and setting the logging level to Debug.

You can run with this Debug setting until the problem happens. When it happens, select 'Show log' from MinimWatch, then click 'Save as' and save the log file. Zip or compress the log file to save space (this is important) and attach it to a post here.
OK log set to debug, I'll see what appears tomorrow.


Just encountered the problem. Attached is compressed log. Note I was playing an album with 3 tracks and play stopped at completion of the first track. After a short interval I selected track 2 and completed listening to the album.
Thanks for this. I have checked the log and there are small differences in timing between the track with the problem and the tracks that don't have the problem. It isn't yet clear to me how MinimServer could prevent these small differences or why they are causing a problem with Mosaic.

I will run some tests here to try to get more information about this.
Thanks Simon
Looking back in the log, I have found what might be an important clue. At 00:50:33, you started playing the file Nice Work If You Can Get It.m4a. At 00:50:40, playback was terminated part way through the track, perhaps by some action in the Mosaic app or by powering off the dCS renderer.

This was the last action before you started playing the Mozart Piano Concerto at 10:19:02. I think it is likely that cancelling the playback of the previous track is related to this issue.

How exactly did you cancel playback of the previous track?
As far as I can remember, the same way as I usually do. I paused play, then cleared the play queue in Mosaic before shutting down the Mosaic app.

(Incidentally the time recorded in the debug log is an hour fast. Can I change this in MinimServer?)
I tried doing the same as you but the problem did not occur. I don't have any more ideas about what could be causing this. There is nothing in the log to indicate or suggest that this is a MinimServer problem.

To change the time in the log, you need to change the system time on the device that is running MinimServer.
Thanks for this Simon
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