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Full Version: Albums (again I suspect)
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Client: Win10 Server: QNAP
I have noy messed with the settings of MinimServer for ages but now I need to and I am lost!

First I cannot edit properties in MinimWatch. If I right-click on it I only have the bottom 3 options available.

I want to create albums that stretch across many folders. I have found in the manual that this will happen if I do various actions. Some of these I have already done, like having a [DISCNUMBER] tag but it does not work. I looked at MinimWatch to try and change the 'mergeFolderAlbums' prop but as I said earlier I cannot get into properties, I see only 'show properies'

Any ideas?

Does MinimWatch show a green minim icon in the system tray or is the system tray icon grey? If the icon is grey, this means MinimWatch is unable to discover MinimServer. For suggestions on how to fix this, see this page.
I am running two QNAP servers. One on and the more modern one on 192,168.1.66 and - two cards in the box. MiniServer is running on the more modern box and brings MinimumServer status page
With: ohnet.debug = standard & ohnet.subnet is blank the log shows Active subnet is - which is obviously wrong or is it?
So, I set ohnet.subnet = and if I exit & then reload and hover over the grey icon I get ' not found'
Setting it to gives the same message.
Log still shows - Active subnet =

I am just powering up the other instance of Minim on my old server to see what happens!

After doing this I get - Retrying monitor subscription for server at (attempt n) which means it needs the licence details entered. But this is ver: and I cannot see how to (1) enter subscription or to (2) upgrade to latest. QNAP is not showing and update path.

OK I am going to shut down the older server and see if this makes a difference - I only use it as a kind of 'standby' server.
OK I am now running with just one server and the log shows startup complete, subnet is which is OK but minimwatch still only shows the bottom 3 options. btw everything is working OK - that is I can play music etc. Please also note that all devices on my home net are

Confused of Sidcup
You should not set the ohnet.subnet property on any of your servers. With your network setup, the default active subnet is correct.

The messsage about monitor subscription has nothing to do with licensing. It means there is a firewall on your PC blocking communications between MinimWatch and MinimServer. For the solution, see the second and third paragraphs of the MinimWatch can't find MinimServer section.
Oh! I have already tried turning my firewall of - should have mentioned that. I should also have mentioned that I have recently installed the new BT SnartHub and looking at the config I see this does have a firewall but I am not sure how to disable it temporarily.
If I setup a Port Forwarding rule then how do I do it? I have to setup up an internal & external port - what will these be and the protocol. Any idea Simon?
Just found where I can disable the BT firewall and I turned it off and it made no difference. Is there no other way I can change the properties?
Have you checked whether your Windows network type is public or private? It should be private.

You don't need to do anything on the router, just make sure the Windows network and firewall is configured correctly.
Thanks Simon.

When I have minimserver running on both QNAPs I do indeed see a green icon and I get all the options - but it's for my older server, unfortunately not the one I use day-to-day.
When I looked at the shortcut properties I expected to see a server name/ip address as part of the target but there is nothing like this:
Target = "E:\Program Files\MinimWatch\lib\mwatch.jar"
Start in = "e:\Program Files\MinimWatch\lib"

So how does it know which server to address?
Oh man what an idiot I am!£!^!*&^!

I was running an old version on MinimWatch. QNAP updated the server but NOT minimwatch.

Sorry for wasting your time Simon.

ps Just to add I set mergeFolderAlbums to true and lo and behold it merged the folders into a single album.

Thanks Simon
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