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Full Version: MinimServer 2 on Qnap’s
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I have problems in upgrading 0.8 to MinimServer 2 on my Qnap’s.
Probably the topic is already faced , anyway after downloaded the package for Qnap’s I manually tried to download it from App center but failed to install it for package incompatibility .
In system Nas properties 0.8 http.port is 9790, ohnet.port 9791.

What are the model numbers of your QNAPs and what versions of QTS are they running?
For this model, you need to do a manual install of the ARMv5 version of MinimServer 2. I have asked QNAP to make this available in the App Center but they are not willing to do this because the TS-220 is end-of-life and no longer supported for software updates.
I got it!!
Thanks a lot for your support!

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