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Full Version: DSD DSF files problem
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I have minimserver ver. on a Synology NAS and stream to my DirectStream DAC. The problem is that I can't play DSD files recently downloaded from PS Audio Octave Records. But I can still play other DSD files I already have from Blue Coast records. I can play all of this files from foobar2000 in my PC so they are ok but maybe the new one from Octave have something different. The only difference I notice in Foobar2000 is that this new files have more information in the metadata. All of this files are DSF. I use DoP for streaming this files. Any help will be appreciated!

I have a thread in the PS Audio forum and this is the link for reference:

This a copy of my first post in that forum for reference:

Recently downloaded the Temporary Circumstances - Download bundle and now I can’t play the DSD64 files in my DS DAC. The wav PCM files all play ok. Other DSD files I have from Blue Coast play perfectly in the same setup. All of this DSD files are DSF.

This is my system; Synology NAS with minimserver > ethernet LAN > DS DAC & bridge II > Amp. > Speakers, Control with BubbleUPnP or mcontrol. For DSD files minimserver use DoP when sending the data to the DS DAC bridge II.

I downloaded for a second time the bundle (a huge 6Gb file) and hash both which result confirm both are identical. That is the probability of a corrupt file is low, but the only way to be 100% sure is to have a hash of the original file. Unfortunately PS Audio did not provided any hash.

I need to know if any one with a similar setup can play this files (Temporary Circumstances) using DoP and minimserver.
Any ideas of what can be the cause of this problem?
Any help will be appreciated!
Update: Screen shot of mcontrol. Unsupported file format, there is something wrong with this DSD files.

Screenshot_20210121-175123|250x500 6

Update 2: Bit perfect test file play and got the :heavy_check_mark: so my setup is ok.

Update 3: I can play the files in Foobar2000 in my PC using SACD plugin. So now it seems that there is something different in this files that minimserver don’t handle well. The only difference I can see in foobar2000 is that this files have more information in the metadata. Time to go minimserver forum.
Are you sure the files that don't play are DSD64, not some higher resolution?
(23-01-2021 20:57)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]Are you sure the files that don't play are DSD64, not some higher resolution?

Yes simon, right now I'm playing it with foobar2000 via upnp\ dlna
To my DAC with DoP an it work.

I recorded this logs when trying to play one of the files. Hope this help.

The problem was the cover image in the tag of the files it was an 8MB image, to big for this. Replaced with a 947KB image and now they play normal.
Glad to hear the problem is solved.

I checked the log you posted. The renderer starts reading the audio data, then reads the image. After reading the image, the renderer closes the connection that is reading the audio data.
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