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Full Version: Banned from forum!
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Hi. I'm new here, just registered using my mobile. But when I try to access the forum from my PC it seems I am banned! Could it be anything to do with the smart DNS that I'm using? Thanks for your help.
What internet IP address are you using when you access the forum from your PC? If I know this, I should be able to fix the problem.

Best regards,

Thank you.
This address should be able to access the forum now.
Yes, it's fine now. Thanks for resolving this so quickly, Simon.
I just got the same message. It seems i can't access the forum when using a VPN (it was connected to a Belgian server).

I don't mind disconnecting to access it because i don't visit very often, but thought you should know.
Thanks for letting me know.

Some IP addresses are banned because they have been used in the past to post spam to the forum. Please post your IP address and I will investigate.

it seems that the word d a t a b a s e is forbidden... weird :-(
A Database
A database
I access this database in php
The forum security filter doesn't like the ( character. Were you trying to post database followed by ( ?
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