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Full Version: Problem with installing Minim Watch
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Hi Simon,
I have MinimServer 2 running on my QNAP TS669 and wanted to install Minim Watch on my Windows 10 machine in order to get Minim Streamer running as well. I used to have an old version of Minim Watch on the machine from the days when I was still running 0.8. To get the new Minim Watch installed I had to do a full reboot of the Windows machine. It then claimed it had installed it and there is an icon on the desktop. But it won't run and Windows doesn't know how to handle the jar app.

See the thread here:

which may (via the reference to Jarfix) fix your problem.
(09-01-2021 16:15)Sherwoodforest Wrote: [ -> ]See the thread here:

which may (via the reference to Jarfix) fix your problem.

JarFix was great because it informed me that Java Runtime was not installed on the Windows machine. (Not too surprising since I bought this computer new a few months ago and have been using Minim Server 2 as a free installable since then. So I didn't need Minim Watch). JarFix also gave me a link to install Jave Runtime. Now installed latest version. Minim Watch 2 on the Windows machine opens a DOS command window and checks for an update. It then tells me that Minim Server is running and leaves the cmd window open. But what it doesn't do is give me the old Minim Watch green/yellow icon that let me control Minim Server and look at the log and do a rescan.

I finally managed to install the MinimStreamer capability from the command line with MinimWatch, managed to get MinimWatch to show a coloured icon by restarting the computer and then running JarFix again, managed to get MinimServer back out of starter mode by stopping and starting the app on the QNAP, and now have flac:wav24; specified for transcoding. Now to restart streaming and see whether I can hear the difference!

You should not be getting a Command Prompt window for MinimWatch on Windows. This means the file association for .jar is not set correctly. From the Start menu, select Windows System, then Command Prompt and type the command:

ftype jarfile

You should see something like this:

jarfile="C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-14.0.2\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "%1" %*

If you see java.exe instead of javaw.exe, this is the reason why MinimWatch is opening a Command Prompt window.

As you have already been able to fix the problem by running Jarfix again, this string should be correct for you now. I am posting this in case others have the same problem.
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