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Full Version: Lost Full License edition after upgrading Mac mini server
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After upgrading RAM and memory of my Mac mini server Minim server starts up in the starter edition.
How can I get back to my full license edition?
You should activate your full license from the License tab of the MinimServer configuration web page.
Thank you. I think that worked. Now I have problems defining the path to look for files in configuration. A first setup should bring a dialog to select the content directory (manual). But I cannot get into that dialog again.
Is there a more extensive manual on how to get the configuration right on my Mac Mini. Language seems to be problem naming the path also....
To get back to the selection dialog, you can delete your current setting for contentDir.

To avoid the language issues (this is a classic example of Mac trying too hard to be "helpful"), you can drag the folder from Finder into the contentDir field of the MinimServer properties dialog.
That's what I've been trying for a long, long time without any succes...
The last suggestion solved the problem, thank you.
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