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Full Version: What happened? Minimserver suddenly not working
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Any ideas? Have set up minimserver on the nas years ago, tagged all my music meticulously and have been happy ever since. Suddenly today, I added an album and refreshed the server and it stopped working. What to do??

This page was last updated at 14:12:30 on 20 Dec 2020

MinimServer update 134, Copyright © 2012-2020 Simon Nash. All rights reserved.
MinimStreamer 0.7.16, Copyright © 2012-2019 Simon Nash. All rights reserved.

Media server status for NAIM_MinimServer: Error
The license for MinimStreamer 0.7.16 expired on 31 October 2020. Please update or remove MinimStreamer.
Fixed, apologies for the hysteria. Went on the old pc and updated the streamer part, I had no idea this would effect the server, but there you have it, I know nothing.
Speaking of knowing nothing. Coming here I notice something about server 2? Is this something I should update to? Happy to start paying after all these years, but I would be even more happy if things can stay the way they are on the technical side if at all possible.

Also, if I really have to do an upgrade to a new version on my Synology, is this an update or do I have to de-install server 1 and install a new server 2 and have to re-enter all the technical data in the options?

I use all this in the configuration, copy pasted it some time ago in a text file fearing to lose it one day. Can I re-use all this in the new version?

indexTags All Artists: Artiesten, Genre, Date: Jaar, #AudioQuality: Kwaliteit, #AudioData: Bitrate
itemTags Tracknumber
mergeFolderAlbums false
tagOptions Album.sortTags={Date, Album, Artist},Artist.reverseName.display,AlbumArtist.reverseName.display

showExtras true
startupScan true
tagCustom AlbumArtist.displayRole={artist}
tagFormat Artist.displayFormat={$artist^^^ / },Album.displayFormat={$album$date},Title.displayFormat={$title^$tracknumber^ [^]}

.autoUpdate true
http.port 9790
.logFile minimserver.log
ohnet.debug Default
ohnet.port 9791
.updateReminder 1
stream.converter ffmpeg
stream.transcode aac:wav24,alac:wav24,flac:wav24,mp3:wav24

Sorry for all the questions, I am suddenly in fear of losing this important part of my daily listening experience.
The 31 October expiry was caused by a bug. The correct expiry date is 31 January 2021. To continue with your listening experience after this date, you need to update to MinimServer 2 and MinimStreamer 2 before 31 January.

For instructions on how to update your Synology NAS to MinimServer 2, see this page. You should not uninstall your current version of MinimServer, just install the new one. Your current configuration will be migrated automatically but you will need to activate a full license or trial license after installing MinimServer 2 to see all your current property settings.
Thank you for your always swift replies on trouble Simon! I will dig into this in this holiday vacation. Looking at my settings, would I need a paid license or a full one for the upgrade?
Paid and full licenses are the same. You will need to purchase a full license up front and pay a small additional charge every 12 months to continue receiving updates and using MinimStreamer. For prices, see this page.
Thank you Simon, I will do so!

Will I be reminded by email next year to extend the license? Considering I accidentally stumbled on the current information, I had no idea I was almost out of time and a version 2 even existed, an email notification would have been very helpful indeed. Then again, the news might have been written in version updates descriptions on the synology packages and I simply hadn’t noticed Smile
The expiry date of 31 January is dependent on Synology making the new version with an update notification available in the Package Center well in advance of this date.

I submitted the new version to Synology in September and I have had many discussions with Synology about this since then. We have agreed a date near the start of January when this will happen. If it doesn't happen then, I will extend the expiry date of the current version so that users are not put in the situation you describe.

You will be reminded by email next year to extend your licence for updates and MinimStreamer.
Thank you Simon. Good luck with your efforts and happy holidays
Updated according to the walkthrough and bought the certificate, everything working fine!

Any new functionality I am missing out of if I am leaving things as they were before?

For instance this one, I saw something appearing called minimstreamer, transcoding streams to wav, does this mean I should be able to listen to the new Naim HD radio stations on my nacn272?

Update: is it me, or is the response time in the Naim app at least 6x faster? Lightning speed browsing, thank you!!!
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