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Full Version: Synology NAS, MinimServer not running after changing disks.
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I have a Synology NAS DS215J which has been running MinimServer quite happily for some years. One reason for having it was that I could then play the BBC HLS radio streams on my Naim equipment. The NAS is now running DSM 6.2.2-25426 Update 2 and Java 8.

The NAS had two 3TB disks in it. I have changed these one at a time to two 4TB disks. Not to difficult as all the data that I have would just fit on a single 3TB disk.

I managed to retain the Synology DSM settings but some of the extra packages that I have installed such as "Hyper Backup" had to be repaired and then reconfigured.

I could not do this with MinimServer as I don't think the original version is still available. For this reason I downloaded MinimServer 2 and applied for a 1 month licence.

Now when I open the new package I get a web page with "Status License Profles" at the top. It shows the correct content directory. If I click "Rescan" and the a few moments later

"Status" there is a red error message "Integrity check failed for file minimserver.config; select a profile and relaunch". If I click "Profiles" and then select the default profile I get an error message on my web page:
"java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 'java.lang.String org.jminim.Context.selectProfile(java.lang.String, org.jminim.Component, java.lang.String[])'"

As a result of a google search I have deleted the files:


from /volume1/MinimServer/appData.

The file minimserver.config shows that I have a trial licence type.

How do I get MinimServer to run properly?
You should be able to get MinimServer working again by stopping and starting MinimServer from the Synology Package Center.

The file minimserver.config.error that you deleted contained your previous configuration settings. This would have enabled you to reapply these settings manually after restarting. It is not necessary or advisable to delete this file.

You should not have got the NoSuchMethodError message when you selected the default profile. I will look into this to see why it happened. You should not see this message again after restarting MinimServer from the Package Center.
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