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Full Version: Minimserver install fails: unable to access shared folder
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The installation of Minimserver v2 fails with the message "unable to access shared folder".

- install ends up with empty Minimserver folder without any content and any extra information
- no minimserver.log and minimserver-out.log files
- both Minimserver and Java fully removed before install attemp
- QNAP TS-673 configured with storage pool containing both SSD's and HDD's under Q-tier control
- Linux security settings seems OK.

What is happening here? Please advise.
I have not been able to find a message with this wording produced by MinimServer. Where are you seeing the message?
During (clean) installation of Minimserver App with TS-473 (with Java or without Java), the procedure breaks/stops with the message "unable to access shared folder". The installation is ending with a new Minimserver folder (on the assigned volume) which is completely empty, security settings where alright. Therefore the log files where also not available.
Is it possible to set a trace to see what is happening? We can also have a Webex session if you want.
Where are you seeing this message?

Did the MinimServer shared folder exist before you started the installation?
Message is presented in a pop-up box within the QNAP Apps window.

We did several attemps: clean without any Minimserver existing material and dirty with exiting (empty) folder. Also different volumes (Q-tier & plain) were used.
After the failure (shared folder exists and is empty), please login to the QNAP using ssh and run the following commands:

ls -l /share/MinimServer
ls -lLa /share/MinimServer

Please post the output from both commands here.
This is the output included in the attachment.
Thanks for this. The second command is not as you have typed it. I hope the following will be clearer:

ls -l /share/MinimServer
ls -lLa /share/MinimServer
It's sometimes difficult to see the difference between I or l. Here is the update.
Thanks for this. It shows that MinimServer's attempt to create the MinimServer shared folder in /share/MD0_DATA was not successful. This suggests that there might be a permissions problem with /share/MD0_DATA that is preventing this. Please run the following commands:

ls -l /share
ls -l /share/MD0_DATA
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