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Full Version: MinimWatch only shows 1 instance
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Sometimes I have 2 instances running in the same LAN. According to the installation instructions, "MinimWatch will display a tray icon for each MinimServer instance running on another computer or NAS on your local network", and I do remember a time when this was the case. However, for some months now, I only get 1 of them showing up in the tray, whether it is MW version or 2.0.8. It seems to be random which one shows up. Both instances are identical apart from the displayName. Instances are both 2.0.16 update 178/Raspbian on Raspberry Pi. Minimwatch is W10 Pro, v1909.

Actually, UPnP control points (W10/UPPlay and Android/BubbleUPnP) seem to suffer the same way - only one instance shows up, and it is random which one.

Do they need to have different ports in the properties, or something?
PS the license details also seem to think I have only one instance, although I have activated the license separately on each one.
Did you copy the minimserver.config file from one MinimServer instance to the other? This will cause the discovery problems you are having.

To recover from this, do the following on either of the instances:

1) Exit MinimServer (use Close from the MinimWatch menu)
2) Delete the files minimserver.config and
3) Restart MinimServer

If you using the default profile, your previous configuration settings will be restored. If you are using some other profile, select this profile from the Profiles tab.

The license issue is probably caused by something else. I will contact you via PM about this.
Many thanks, this did the trick.
Pleased to hear it. If you need to replicate a configuration in future, export the configuration as a profile from the first instance and import this profile into the second instance. Exporting a profile is also the best way to back up your configuration.
Will do.
Thanks again.
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