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Full Version: Music Missing
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Upload completed, I will make no changes. I wait for further instructions.
Yesterday I added about 10 new albums to my collection. Re-scanned, now I have a second album lost, just cover in "folder mode". Melco minimserver2 picks it uo correctly.
Do you want .log files to compare with the logs from yesterday morning?
Only action was:
Music copyed to Servers with Tera-copy 2.3
Thanks for letting me know. This is useful information. I don't need any more files at present.
I have used the latest files you uploaded to reproduce the problem here. This is a big step forward. I will let you know when I have more information about what is causing this.
Today updated to DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3
I have a fix for this problem. It will be released as an update soon. For the problem to occur, multiple albums need to have the same name (in this case, Duets) and mergeFolderAlbums needs to be set to true.

Thanks very much for all your help with finding and fixing this problem. The problem is not specific to Synology. It has been in MinimServer for many years without being reported until now.

With your library, fixing this problem increases the number of albums found by MinimServer from 10940 to 11015.
Your the best!!!

The remark about the multiple albums, I don't understand since a first there were no multiple Duets albums by Ane Brun. What you are saying is there is another album in my (huge) collection (not Ane Brun) called Duets.
It is my own carefully tagged collection and a back-up from a friend (bad/incomplete tagged) with multiple doubles overlapping.
The Melco is only running my owne collection (round 6.000 albums).
If you want to test on a large data-base I am willing to test a Beta-version. Just let me now.

All the best (music) wishess for the new-year
This fix is now available in MinimServer update 179. As you say, the problem can occur when there are multiple albums with the same title and different artists (but not for every album like this).

All best wishes for a Happy New Year!
(30-12-2020 19:35)mdp Wrote: [ -> ]It is my own carefully tagged collection and a back-up from a friend (bad/incomplete tagged) with multiple doubles overlapping.

Seems like you have some work to do to get the back up corrected. Big Grin

I believe the free/trial version of SongKong tagger offers a Fix songs feature. I think it identifies duplicates amongst other issues.
Update installed today, re-scanned, problem solved!!!!!!
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