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Full Version: minimwatch2 on Mac
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I used minimserver 0.8 on my old QNAP together with minimwatch 0.8 on my Mac for years and it worked fine with the LINN Kazoo app.
Due to a new QNAP (TS-230) I had to install minimserver2 and activated the free trial version.
I also downloaded Minimwatch 2 and installed it as written in the installation guide.
Unfortunately now I suddenly have no Minimwatch icon in my menu bar, so I can't make any settings. Of course I tried several times to start the program.
What could have gone wrong here?
Do you have Java 8 or later installed on your Mac? You can find details of how to do this on this page.

If you do have Java installed and your previous version of MinimWatch was very old, you might need to delete the minimwatch.config file in your ~/Library/MinimWatch folder. In Finder, select Go > Go to folder and type ~/Library/MinimWatch at the prompt. Find the minimwatch.config file and drag it to the trash. If there is a file in the same folder, this should be dragged to the trash as well. After this, try launching MinimWatch again.
Perfect! Minimwatch is running now.
Of course Java 8 was already installed, but that the old config (mine from April 2018) has to be deleted, I wouldn't have thought of that. Thanks a lot.
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