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Full Version: MinimWatch download
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My apologies, I may have already posted in the wrong place.

I am unable to download MinimWatch for MinimServer2 for the mac. I get Download link error 3.

I need MinimWatch because I run MinimServer headless on a small linux computer.
How are you doing this download? Are you using the MinimWatch for macOS link on this page? Which browser are you using to do the download?
(20-11-2020 11:46)simoncn Wrote: [ -> ]How are you doing this download? Are you using the MinimWatch for macOS link on this page? Which browser are you using to do the download?

I was trying to download from the minim server download page with the macOS option. I was using safari. I have tried again using chrome and it seems to downloaded and installed ok.

This might have been a timing issue. I tried this just now with Safari and it worked OK.
I am putting the problem on this old thread to prevent starting another..
I thought I would have a look at Minimwatch on my iMac, latest OS, to see how the blurred font problem had resolved.
I started MinimWatch and was invited to upgrade to 2.0.8
"more details are found here" or whatever.
I clicked on more details and got a 404 error page.
I tried clicking the green OK button and nothing seems to happen.
I close Minimwatch and reclick it and the same thing happens again. No update, no details.
I have tried switching off my VPN, no joy.
Donuk, curious of York.....
It is better to open a new thread for a new issue. This makes it easier for people to find what they need.

The new version is 2.0.18 (as stated in the message), not 2.0.8. There was a problem with the link in the message (now corrected) but it would have taken you to the wrong section in the page rather than giving a 404 error. I am not sure what could have caused the 404 error.

A version update (such as 2.0.18) must be installed from the Downloads page. An online update (such as update 90) can be installed directly from the message dialog. Fixes are delivered as online updates where possible but this font problem can only be fixed by a new version.
I have Downloaded and installed 2.0.18. All looks good.

For some reason, the "new" version I was being invited to download was (I checked again) 2.0.8 sic. I remember thinking of dear old Radio Luxembourg at the time....

Dates me.
I have checked this again and you are correct. If you were previously using a version of MinimWatch older than 2.0.8, you would get the message about updating to 2.0.8. I didn't see this myself because I was on a later version of MinimWatch.

Unfortunately this is not simple to fix. When everyone updates to MinimWatch 2.0.8 or later, the problem will no longer occur.

Thanks for letting me know about this problem.
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