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I had Minimserver installed on my Asus W10x64 laptop and was quite happy serving up my music to my Cambridge Audio CXNv2 player with Cambridge Connect on my Samsung Phone. However, suddenly a week or so ago when I try playing/cueing a track or album thru the control point or the player itself I keep getting this UDN_NOT_A_MEDIASERVER msg. Funnily, enough my W10x64 Dell laptop which has a full license Minimserver installed recently was serving up the same discs fine thru the same control point, network and player. So, I updated to Minim2 on my Asus...but same error persists. Then I thought recent Win updates might be the culprint. However, both laptops have the same recent Win updates installed. Help !
A web search for UDN_NOT_A_MEDIASERVER shows a couple of similar problem reports but no explanation or solution. I suggest you contact Cambridge Audio for advice.
The fact that Minimserver was working with the player and control point from another Win10x64 laptop seemed to indicate some sudden configuration/component corruption. So, for the heck of it, I deactivated the licence on the problematic laptop and uninstalled Minim and deleted all residual files and registry entries. Rebooted and installed Minim2 agin and reactivated the licence and imported the profile I was using on my other laptop. Viola, it is working again !
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