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Full Version: Group-Composer tag error
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Hi Simon,
When tracks wih different compositions by different composers (Bach and Beethoven, for example) on a recording are grouped together, the compositions end up being attributed to all the composers in the group. Hence, Bach compositions ends up in the Beethoven list of compositions and vice vera.
How can I get around this?
A group is intended to contain tracks that should be combined into a single item for indexing and browsing purposes. If you combine multiple tracks into a group item, you can't browse for just one of these tracks (for example, by its Composition and/or Composer tags) independently of the other tracks in the group.

If the group contains different composers for different tracks, adding all composers to the group item causes the group item to show under each of these composers in the index. I think most people would want this.

When you are playing the tracks in the group, each track should show only the composer of that track on the Now Playing (or similar) screen.
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