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Full Version: HEOS not displaying all indexTags
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I recently purchased and installed a full license for Minimserver2, running on MacMini. When I try to use Denon' HEOS App as the control point, I only see a limited set of tag index at the top level. The options I see are:
  • Browse Folders
  • Arists
  • Albums
  • Genres
  • Tracks

Each of these tags work as expected, but I was hoping to see the other tags I have listed in the indexTag property: AlbumArtist, Composer, Language, #AudioQuality, etc.

I know my music content has these tags because when I use BubbleUpnp as the control point I see the complete list of tags at the top level.

I'm not sure if this is a problem with how Heos control point behaves, or if i'm missing come configuration options in the minimserver.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Some control points ignore the MinimServer index (specified using indexTags) and show their own browsing index instead. You might find that the HEOS Browse Folders selection shows what you are expecting. If not, you would need to use a different control point to see the complete MinimServer index.
HEOS Browse Folder shows the list of folders, but I do not see the "Tag View" as one of the options which would allow me to filter the folders further using intelligent browsing.

Do I need to turn on any setting in Minimserver to see tag view inside folders? Or this something HEOS chooses not to display?

I really love the Denon multi-home line of products and also love minimserver, it would be great to get them work together. Before buying Denon HEOS, I was using BubbleUpnp as my control point streaming to my AVR and that worked flawlessly. Unfortunately I can't control HEOS speakers using BubbleUpnp.
The bad news:
  • The HEOS app uses its own top level index, you cannot change it.
  • On android the Genres index is broken and always empty. I'm told on iOS genres do work.
  • The folder view is always sorted by title.

The good news:
  • Below the folder view you can select '>> Tag view', which does use the Minimserver tag system.
  • Below the Artist index the minimserver tag system works, as well

I have a tagupdate rule that adds an 'ARTIST=!Classical' for every 'GENRE=Classical' track. This way I can use the HEOS control to select artists, then !classical (it's the first entry) and from there follow the minimserver tag system.

But when playing from minimserver and not using the radio, I most often use Hifi cast. Both Hificast and BubbleUPNP work with my HEOS speakers and the Denon network streamer. What problems do you have with BubbleUPN?
I don't see the '>> Tag view' inside the folder view. When I click on "Browse Folders", I see a list of folders, but not tag view. This is on Android, btw. Are you using iOS by any chance?

Oh, I did not realize BubbleUPNP works with HEOS speakers! I just tried and it works! For most purposes this is a workable solution for me, thanks for pointing that out. So basically, use BubbleUPNP to select music, and use HEOS to assign rooms/speakers/stereo pair, etc.
No, I'm using android.
For me, the tag view under 'browse folders' only appear one level deep, so 'browse folder' -> select a folder -> tag view appears.
Ah, I see it one level deeper too. But I only see tags for that folder and as I have a pretty flat folder tree (all albums as one folder under the root dir), this is not very useful.

@simon, is there any way to get the TagView displayed right under (or as the first entry) in the list of folders, when we select "Browse Folders"? That way we don't have to switch between HEOS and BubbleUPNP apps.
A simple solution is to add another empty top-level content directory. With this setup, selecting [folder view] gives you two folders, one for each content directory. Select your "real" content directory and >> Tag View is available.
That's a neat idea! And confirmed! This solves all my needs, thanks Ernst and Simon!
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