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Full Version: Update 173
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Where can I find this? I downloaded the latest 12er (QNAP) and installed it but it still stays at 162.

Greeting Jörn
At present, you need to use MinimWatch to install this update. Do you have MinimWatch installed on another computer in your network?
Yes I have but I dont found. When I go to about and "Show Updates" he show me that "All package are uptodate"
Here The Screenshot
With MinimWatch active, open the MinimServer Properties window and select the Packages tab. Do you find Update 173 in the Available Packages box? If you do (I did), click on the package name, press install, click through the prompts and finally press Relaunch.

Go to Packages tab in MinimWatch and it should show as an Available package to install

EDIT: David got there first :-)
Okay that work thank you very much.
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