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Full Version: Moving library from BluOS to MinimServer and tagging
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Hi all of you in this forum. I have a fair size of music library in my Bluesound Vault 1 and I have a plan to move it to synology NAS in MinimServer. The reason for this is to get album infos better and get better searching, because I listen 99% classical music.

If some of you have allready done something similar, please advice me in this. What would be the best way to do this all IF...

1) There is about 20000 songs/tracks in FLAC, some of them labeld as unknown by
Bluesound. Is there a way to get all metadata/info updated automatically, at least
most of it.
2) What would be the best way of moving those files from Vault to NAS? Direct copy or
would it have more reason if they are moved in smaller chunks?
3) Can this all be handled with Minimserver or do I need some other software too?

Thanks allready for replys.
I would take couple of albums and copy them over. Ensure that your files are properly tagged and give it a try. When you are comfortable with the outcome, copy the rest. Keep the Bluesound around for as long as you need or as a back up.
For automatic updating of metadata, I suggest you investigate SongKong. It has a free trial mode that shows you a preview of what changes it would make to your library if you were running it with a paid license.
Thanks rompolompo and simoncn. I'll take a look of SongKong and try to get that NAS working.

If anyone has more ideas, go ahead, tell them. This might take a while anyway so there is time to give a good ideas... and as I have confessed I know pretty much nothing of this at a moment.
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