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Full Version: Multiple copies of the same album
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I've recently purchased a Melco N100 and I'm using it with my Linn Majik DS. I'm using Linn Kazoo app on my iPhone or PC to browse my music library, however, I'm finding that under some Artists I'm seeing multiple copies of the same Albums appearing.
Any idea how I can stop this from happening please? (I'm sure that I haven't ripped multiple copies of these albums).
This is usually caused by having an additional imported or downloaded copy of the album as well as a ripped copy.

The URI information for an album track contains the encoded file path of the track file, so you can use this to find the folder location of the album.

To find the folder locations of the duplicates, you need a UPnP control point that can show track URI information. These include Linn Kinsky for Windows, BubbleUPnP and Linn Kazoo. Do you have any of these?
Thanks Simon! - I think I can see what has happened. I've looked at the Melco on Windows Explorer and the same albums appear to have been saved in two different folders. I should now be able to delete the duplicate entries.
(I only recently purchased the Melco and my local Hi-Fi dealer helped transfer the contents of my old NAS across. I know he initially had problems rescuing the NAS drive and tried multiple times so I think this may have happened during the file transfer).
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