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Full Version: Minimserver download issue (Windows)
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Hi, I have been trying to download the minimserver for windows onto my pc. It is a rather old pc, still running Windows 7 Ultimate. However, when I click the MinimServer-08.5.2-install.exe link, the popup window opens including the download button, but clicking it leads nowhere. Just closes the popup window.

I tried the same on a different pc at home (running Windows 10), with same negative result. On my Android phone the download worked well, but emailing the exe file to myself to open on the pc is seemingly not allowed.

Can the minimserver exe file be downloaded from elsewhere, or is there a solution to this?

I have a PC running Windows 7 and the download link is working for me. Which web browser are you using? Have you disabled JavaScript or changed any other browser settings?
Ok, thanks. Then at least it's not a Windows 7 issue. I am using Chrome on both pc's and have not changed the browser settings.

Anyway, since Internet Explorer is also available on my old pc, I tried downloading using that browser and it was successful!
Now minimserver is up and running Smile
When I download using Chrome (an old version), a small extra section appears at the bottom of the Downloads window and the file is downloaded in the background. I'm glad to hear you have been successful using IE.
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