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Full Version: Genre-specific sorting rules for Albums?
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I'm wondering if it's possible to set Genre-specific sorting rules for viewing Albums in MinimServer Library?

What I'm trying to achieve:
1. Albums with Genre tag "Rock" would be sorted by ascending album Date by default
2. Albums with genre tags other than "Rock" would be sorted by Album Title (as is the default now)
It isn't possible to change album sort order based on the genre of the album. Any solution would require some change to your tags.

For example, you could add a new tag to your rock albums (only). The new tag could be named DateSort and would have the same value as the Date tag. You could then set the tagOptions property to:

Album.sortTags={DateSort, Album}

Because DateSort appears first, DateSort will be used for sorting if DateSort is present. If DateSort is absent, Album (i.e., the album title) will be used for sorting.
That sounds like a great solution - thanks!
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